It Starts With You book cover

The power to create anything you envision is within you

It Starts With You is a complete training manual to develop the operative mindset, habits, and skills for succeeding at any endeavor.

Listed on
“15 Great Books for Anyone Who Wants to Get Ahead in Life”
and ranked #30 on the #100 Best Personal Development Books of All Time”
by Book Authority

The Experience of Leadership front book cover

Don't just read about leadership – experience it

The Experience of Leadership is an anthology of stories, insights, and reflections from highly successful leaders that will motivate and inspire readers of all ages to embrace their journey as a leader.

“A magnificent collection of modern day leaders. Brilliant, insightful and informative, The Experience of Leadership will make you a better leader at every level! Read it today and be prepared for tomorrow.”
– William H. McRaven, Admiral USN (Retired)

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Anthologies: Ensuring a Successful Author Collaboration

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Lessons Learned from my Military Experience

Lessons Learned from my Military Experience

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