Goals are achieved with commitment – not just interest – in doing something.  Goals require unyielding resolve, self-control, and passionate belief in your vision.  You must be 100 per cent committed, otherwise you will sabotage yourself along the way.

Once you commit, you are accountable to yourself.  Consider this a promise to yourself, something that cannot be broken.  There will be others affected by what you do. Share your goals and plan with them, since this imbues a greater sense of accountability.  These individuals should be supportive and trustworthy, avoid the doom-and-gloomers.

Be clear on what you want to do and what is needed to achieve your goals.  If you do not have the requisite skills or tools to reach your goals, gain an understanding of what you need to do to acquire them.  Anticipate the obstacles you may encounter and how you will deal with them. This makes you better prepared and less likely to be derailed.  You cannot anticipate everything. There will be surprises so condition yourself to find a way around it. Recognize the effort and sacrifices you will have to make, understanding that nothing worthwhile comes easy, and anything that comes easily is usually not long lasting.

In the military and in sports, one of the common denominators is a routine or process associated with everything that is done.  These are actions and processes in place that all serve to reinforce the plans to reach an ultimate goal. You should also adopt a regimen with the right habits that all serve to reinforce the plan to reach your ultimate goal.  This training and routine instill the right mind-set to optimize your prospects since they are interconnected. Train your mind and the body will follow since it is your mind-set above all, that provides the will and the shoulders of Atlas for the heavy lifting.

The commitment you are making takes time and effort.  Be cognizant of those activities and demands that divert you from your plan.  Keep distractions to a minimum, understanding that you will have to learn to say “No” as there is nothing more valuable than your time.  When you encounter an obstacle, instead of saying “I don’t know what to do,” say “I will figure this out”. Be open minded and understand that oftentimes it is not having the answer but knowing where to find it that will provide the solution.

As you commit to yourself, keep the following in mind, and you will get there.

1. Commit fully – no half measures.
2. Be clear and define what you want to do.
3. Adopt a routine; establish good habits; be disciplined.
4. Put in the time for training and conditioning.
5. Be realistic, resourceful, and resilient.